Nuclear power plant in Bosnia?

Bosnia is about to boost it's power producing capacity by building several coal and water power plants. This means that several untouched beautiful places that could be used for tourism and generate much bigger revenues are about to get destroyed.

This also means that coal-mining will increase (keep in mind that working conditions in Bosnia's mines are often on the level of middle-ages), that pollution will increase, that Bosnia will focus on production of raw materials instead of final products or services and knowledge, that many people will get stuck in low-wage jobs (since many will be available) and that big areas of already small country will become inhabitable.

Wouldn't it be better to build a nuclear power-plant or two and explore the possibility of even closing-down existing coal-power plants and subsequently most of the coal-mines?

This would mean that pollution would radically decrease, stability would improve and costs in health-care and retirement-care would decrease dramatically. This would also mean that tens of thousands of people would be forced to improve their skills, get higher education which would empower them and in the long run give them much better lives then being stuck with a shovel in some mine pit. Revenues and savings made on decreasing health and retirement costs could be used to finance education of workers that would get sacked from closing mines and coal-plants.

Bosnia need visionaries brave enough to dream, hope and work hard no matter what people tell them. We need people who will act like a ruling family of Dubai that turned desert sand into gold.

What are your views on this subject?

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Unknown said...

I agree that building nuclear power plant is a good option, simply taking into consideration not only coal resorces, but future costs of CO2 emission assuming that Bosnia will join EU in not far future. This is currenly Polish dilemma...