Bosna Bank International starts financing purchase of agricultural land

Bosna Bank International (BBI) created a Security Food Program within which it is offering financing purchase of agricultural land. Financing is intended for interested individuals and corporate entities at favorable profit rates and simple procedures of the submission and processing of applications.

BBI decided to create the Program and financing after an analysis of recognized research agencies, which anticipated huge worldwide shortage of food in the following two years.

Within the Program, interested customers will also be able to receive financing for construction and refurbishment of agricultural facilities, purchase of agricultural mechanization, equipment, tools, trunks, seeds, etc. Bosna Bank International will also start activities in order to provide the interested applicants choice of better and more favorable land and help them in connecting with food producers and farmers, who could again help the applicants in changing of the land they bought into fertile soil.

That way, BBI not only provides the clients with an opportunity to secure their own piece of land but to invest in actual value as well.


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