Bosnalijek's (Bosnia's biggest pharma company) sales up 22% in 2008

KPMG B_H has completed audit of Bosnalijek d.d. financial statements for 2008. Total revenues were 108,3 million KM of which sales of products amounted to 107,1 million KM and net profit of 8,2 million KM.

In addition to selling its products in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnalijek d.d. sold its products on 19 international markets, with the rate of growth of 22%. Earning per share was 1,26 KM.

Total assets at the year end were valued at 157 million KM and have increased by 2% in relation to the previous year. Current assets amounted to 71,2 million KM while fixed assets amounted to 85,7 million KM.

Total liabilities of Bosnalijek d.d. at the end of 2008 were 49,5 million KM, of which long term liabilities amounted to 7,7 million KM and short term liabilities amounted to 41,8 million KM.

Equity value was 107,5 million KM, with an increase of 8% in relation to the previous year.

Audited annual financial statements can be dowloaded here.

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