Biodiesel refinery opens today in Tuzla, Bosnia

The production of biodiesel will start in Tuzla (north-eastern Bosnia) today. The Center for Development and Support, owner of the plant, will sell it's biodiesel to Tuzla city transport enterprises (GIPS) for use in it's buses. In production, used edible oil, supplied by cake-production factory "Gusto e Sapori" will be used.

"This facility is a pilot project and during the first year 72 tons of biodiesel will be produced. To do this we need 72,000 liters of used edible oil. The technology is such that one liter of oil turns into one liter of biodiesel with the addition of certain additives" - says Zahirović.

The vehicles using biodiesel will have to spend five per cent more biodiesel but given its lower price - five to 10% lower compared to ordinary diesel - it will not constitute a problem, Zahirović says.

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