73% exports growth make 2008 most successful year ever for Bosnalijek

2008 was the most successful business year ever for Bosnalijek, Bosnian big pharma company.

The company achieved growth in exports of 73 percent on annual level thus increasing it's share in total income from 25 percent in 2007 to 35 percent in 2008. Bosnalijek also maintained the leading position on Bosnian market.

The Board plans to pay part of its profit to shareholders.

The Supervisory Board has adopted a business plan of Bosnalijek for 2009, which anticipates continued sales growth on domestic and foreign markets. Continued global expansion is also envisaged. Planned revenues from sales amount to 112,7 million KM (ca 55 million €), an annual growth of 5,20%.

Since the beginning of 2009 Bosnalijek has launched eight new products on Bosnian market.

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