Breaking News! Bosnia about to privatize 12 biggest enterprises

Agency for Privatization (APF) will announce a public call for expressions of interest for participation in the privatization of 12 major state companies, in mid of this month . This public call serves as a proof of the readiness of the Government to begin the privatization of large state-owned company that has been largely awaited for years.

All interested parties will be invited to present a letter of intent and show interest in participation in the privatization of 90 percent "BH Telecom", 50 percent "of Croatian telecommunications" and 90.33 percent of "Agrokomerc".

Public invitation will also include 67 percent of capital of "Energoinvest" and "Hidrogdanja", 67 percent in "Sipad export-impor"t, and the same package of shares in the "Unis".

On the list for privatization are also 39.91 percent of the "Sarajevo Tobacco Factory(FDS)", 19.85 percent of "Bosnalijek" and 45.49 of "Sarajevo-insurance."

The remaining 22.12 percent equity in the "Energopetrol", and the majority package of shares from 51 percent in "Remontni Institute" from Travnik will also be offered.

APF ask the interested bidders to provide letter of intent including information about which enterprises that are interested and the manner and method of participation in the privatization. On the basis of all the information it receives, AFP will determine the dynamics, the method and other conditions of privatization of 12 companies.

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