2,5 billion EURO investment in Bosnian energy sector

Elektroprivreda BiH is in the process of investment in new production facilities and renewable energy sources, as well as absorption of coal mines it recently acquired - said Jerlagić Amer, CEO of the company.

"By the end of 2020 we plan to build new hydro, wind and thermal power plants with combined power of 1800 MW amounting to annual production capacity of more than eight TWh. The value of these investments is 2.5 billion euros," he added.

"Investments in the rehabilitation of existing and construction of new facilities, in three coming years will amount to 700 million euros," said Jerlagić during his the welcoming address to the participants of international colloquium CIGRE, that started in Sarajevo today.

Construction of new power plants, he says, is a prerequisite for development and positioning of Elektroprivreda BiH as leader in the region of south-eastern Europe.

Elektroprivreda BiH Sarajevo is the largest power producing company in Bosnia with 1670 MW installed capacity, annually producing 6.5 TWh of electricity, of which one third is exported or sold to other companies within Bosnia. Annual income of the company is 450 million and it supplies more than 670,000 customers.

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