Freeborn Development Group (FDG) planning to invest in Bosnia

President of the American investment company Freeborn Development Group (FDG) Mr. John Freeborn presented the plan for potential investment to the representatives of the business community and the authorities in Brcko, Bosnia, a few days ago.

FDG was also represented by Ibrahim Vajzovic from Brcko, who is a senior consultant at FDG.

"Despite the present recession, there is money that can be invested. I managed to convince American investors to come to Bosnia and experience this favorable business climate" - said Vajzovic.

He added that they held a series of successful meetings and presentation of investment plans in several Bosnian citiez, such as Brcko, Sarajevo and Tuzla.

"We are interested in projects in various fields of economy, ranging from several hundreds of thousands of dollars, to several tens of millions. It's hard to talk about the final amount, because it depends only of the quality of the proposed projects "- explained Vajzovic.

Vajzovic said that they will take a dozen proposed projects with them for further analysis, and that they will be discussed in the next few months.

"We will conduct thorough analysis and we plan to return in October with proposals and the investment plans. We are interested in projects in the field of agroculture, meat production, wood processing, construction and mechanical engineering, but the list is not final" - said Vajzovic.

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