Širbegović group signs agreement of understanding worth 100 million € with Malaysian HDC

Faruk Širbegović, CEO of Širbegović Group, has today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Malaysian HDC on cooperation on the project of the first "Halal Park" in Bosnia. The deal was signed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The plan is to locate "Halal Park" in a business zone of Širbegović Group in Gracanica, Bosnia. Current value of the project is estimated to around 100 million € with projected profits of 500 million € a year. Within two years, needed for Halal Park to achieve it's full capacity, several thousand new employment opportunities will be generated.

"The potential for food production in Bosnia is currently estimated to be around 4 billion €" - said Faruk Širbegović, and added: "Malaysia and Bosnia have for long enjoyed good relations, and we are delighted to extend our cooperation in this manner. We invite our Malaysian counterparts to seize all those tremendous business opportunities that Bosnia has to offer. This project also presents the possibility for Malaysian companies to take advantage of the Bosnian "Halal Park" as a platform to enter the EU market."

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