Big opportunities for Bosnia in Halal tourism

At the time of global economic crisis one of the few areas that does not decline, is the world's halal market. The BiH Agency for Halal Quality certification emphasize that this is one of the most important and fastest growing markets in the world, with turnover of more than 270 billion euros. The Agency states that Bosnia has a large potential in the area of halal industry since the country currently supplies only food and pharmaceutical products.

Bosnia's contribution to the halal markets of the EU and Arab countries consists mainly of meat and meat products, confectionery, water and natural juices, teas and creams. However, the great potential not only for Bosnia lies in halal tourism.

"We have information that many people from Islamic countries wish to visit Bosnia" - says Valdet Peštalić, Head of the Department for Education of the Halal Certification Agency. He reiterates that halal certification of hotels, restaurants and resorts is a prerequisite for success in this business, and in this case, rooms and apartments should be adjusted to the requirements of halal consumers. He emphasized that the Agency has already received the first requirements for certification of tourist facilities.

The global demand for halal products and services is growing
year after year. It may be noted even at professional trade fairs, especially those in Malaysia.

"We usually talk about halal food, but it includes various other products and services. That is a big demand for halal cosmetics, medicines, clothing, footwear, furniture, and this principle is present in the tourism, catering, shipping, banking and other branches" - says Peštalić.

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