International tourism and travel fair in May

First International tourism and travel trade fair is going to be held In Ilidza near Sarajevo between 21st and 25th May. The trade fair will be on organized by the Bosnian Association of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs.

During the fair, symposiums "The continental tourism, and development programs" and "Bosnian tourist product, branding and market verification" will be held.

Trade show premises will be in the Cultural and sports center Ilidza, Hollywood Hotel, and the Thermal Riviera Hotel Terme. Exhibitors will have 20,000 square meters of exhibition space at their disposal.

Design, construction and equipping of hotels, restaurants, manufacturing and distribution of consumer goods, camping and sports equipment, hunting, fishing and horticulture will be presented at the fair.

The fair will offer an opportunity to take part in several specialized events such as: International competition of catering workers "HOREC Gastro-Fest", the Festival of knowledge and skills of catering school students, first meeting of catering workers of Bosnia, HOREC Wine Fest and HOREC Beer Fest.

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