Volkswagen producing electric vehicles in Bosnia

EcoCarrier is the name of the new electric car model that soon enter production at Volkswagen plant in Vogosca, near Sarajevo, Bosnia. The car is for commercial purposes and will be sold to European markets.

which stirred the interest of Volkswagen was developed by the German company EcoCraft Automotive.

Jan Masak from Volkswagen in Bosnia said that this innovative vehicle is primarily intended for commercial use or use at airports, in public enterprises and similar.

"I still do not want to go out with details" - he said, "but what I can say is that we will soon have a great presentation which will, among others, be attended by the leaders from Volkswagen's headquarters in Volfsburg, Germany. This is a big and important project".

Maximum speed of vehicles will be electronically limited to 75 km per hour and it will be available with different types of batteries allowing driving distance of up to 80 kilometers on single charge.

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