Bosnian construction companies form join venture

Joint company founded by the construction companies, present on the German market should begin its work 1st July this year. This was confirmed by the secretary of construction sector in the Economic Chamber FBiH, Dzenana Avdic, for the biggest Bosnian newspaper "Dnevni Avaz".

Potential founders of the joint venture have a deadline for confirmation of entry to 25 April, when the Constituent Assembly to be held in mid-May.

Establishment of the company is a project of BAG group, which operates at PKFBiH, and so far have received 22 signed statements on the accession of the co-ownership relationship in the new company.

Avdic said that builders establish a company to help provide new jobs and protect the economic crisis.


Unknown said...

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Haris Alisic said...

That was some great info Nordin. Keep up the good work.